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Redefining Resiliency

Dec 31, 2020

HAPPY NEW YEARS EVE! We made it out of 2020, y'all!

That shit storm is over, so what is next? New Year means new goals and new visions for our lives. It isn't a magical reset tonight at midnight but it sure is a metaphorical cleansing for our minds and souls, right?

New Years resolutions are OUT and New Years intentions are IN. I have found our resolutions often stem from a place of self loathing rather than a place of self love. Let's change that! When you state your INTENTION it is acknowledging your strengths FIRST and then stating where there's still room for you to grow to feel like you are reaching your potential! 


I love you all thank you for giving me this space to share my message, I couldn't do it without people willing to listen. I am so appreciative of you all.

PLEASE come connect with me on Instagram @itsjustsuzzz I would really love to chat with all of you! Truly.